Since COVID began more than a year ago, I’ve been seeing an uptick of home bakers and chefs on Instagram. And for me, it’s not the fascinating reviews or accolades someone needs to have for me to want to eat it. It’s the pictures. Eating is a five sense experience. True, there are some deliciousContinue reading “insta-food”

glenwood springs

As much as I love Denver, I also love getting out of the city. A couple weeks ago, we drove 2-1/2 hours across the state to hang out in Glenwood Springs. When you drive west on 70, you slowly ascend out of the ruddy brown canyons and make your way up to those indigo mountainsContinue reading “glenwood springs”

boss defrost

I first came across Boss Defrost when I was a server at the Art, a hotel. I had seen the faucet-like contraption hanging out by the kitchen sink, but I didn’t know what it was or what it did. I soon found out that my coworker Mac Marsh, who was an engineer at the Art,Continue reading “boss defrost”

berry simple

A mixture of juices, teas, and fruits simmer in black pots in the kitchen. A heavenly spiced scent fills the room. Peering over the stove is Jasmin, a trained and experienced cook, who has been trying to keep herself busy since the coronavirus hit last March and left her unemployed. A graduate from the ArtContinue reading “berry simple”

birthday brunch

In Colorado, indoor dining ceased to a halt right before Thanksgiving, which means I’ve only dined in once since then: on my birthday. I am a December baby (which yes, does get lost in the confusion that is Christmas) but like most Sagittarians, we make it a point to celebrate. With limited options, I startedContinue reading “birthday brunch”

colorado curbside

Here we are again. Quarantine 2.0. They’re not calling it that though, because you know, chaos would ensue. Instead, it’s March all over again with the first industry to take one for the team. Restaurants. As someone who has worked in restaurants for years, I cannot imagine the damage that shutting down indoor dining hasContinue reading “colorado curbside”