Since COVID began more than a year ago, I’ve been seeing an uptick of home bakers and chefs on Instagram. And for me, it’s not the fascinating reviews or accolades someone needs to have for me to want to eat it.

It’s the pictures.

Eating is a five sense experience. True, there are some delicious dishes I’ve eaten that did not look appetizing in the beginning. But I eat with my eyes first, and these micro-restaurants and bakeries have my attention.

Here’s a list of food Instagram accounts I’ve tried that did not disappoint:

  1. Berry Simple

Berry Simple is known for its no-waste kitchen producing all-natural jams and jellies, but owner Jasmin Castillo is also a classically trained cook and offers custom orders as well. She made me this amazing cheese & charcuterie board for a recent birthday, complete with artisanal pickles and crackers.

2. Colorado Pecan Bars

As someone who loves pecan pralines, it was no surprise that Colorado Pecan Bars stood out to me. I ordered eight ounces of the traditional pecan bar the weekend that nasty snowstorm in March hit, and they graciously agreed to meet me halfway and a day early for pickup. The pecan bars are a perfect mix of sweet & salty with a buttery shortbread base, and I’m not going to lie, I ate it so fast I wasn’t able to take a decent picture.

3. Denver Cookie Co.

Owner Alexa Brenneman says she wants to spread cheer with her cookies, and they do just that. The whole experience is intentional, from the packaging to the presentation to time I take a bite after it’s been warmed in the oven. I’ve tried a handful of flavors (my favorite being the cookies & cream and Nutella peanut butter so far) and every one of them have just been wonderful.

4. Denver Bone Broth

Upon first sip, I wonder why I’ve waited so long to find out what real broth tastes like. It’s so much better than the chicken stock you buy at stores – one 32 ounce jar is packed with salty umami and collagen. I thawed mine in the fridge and heated it up both in a small pot and microwave (I couldn’t taste a difference). Perfect as a substitute for tea in the morning or as a flavorful addition to recipes that call for chicken broth.

This list will continue to grow as I check out other Denver artisans on Instagram!

Who should I order from next?

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