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Thanksgiving 101

So you wanna cook a turkey, eh? If you’re like me and love to cook, I will just preface this with the fact that holiday feasts are on a whole other level. Last year in quarantine, I threw a Thanksgiving…

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Since COVID began more than a year ago, I’ve been seeing an uptick of home bakers and chefs on Instagram. And for me, it’s not the fascinating reviews or accolades someone needs to have for…

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glenwood springs

As much as I love Denver, I also love getting out of the city. A couple weeks ago, we drove 2-1/2 hours across the state to hang out in Glenwood Springs. When you drive west…

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boss defrost

I first came across Boss Defrost when I was a server at the Art, a hotel. I had seen the faucet-like contraption hanging out by the kitchen sink, but I didn’t know what it was…

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