// allow me to re-introduce myself //


My name is Claire Lardizabal (LAHR-dee-ZAH-bull).

I am a writer and photographer who lives in Denver, Colorado. I began to write about food during a study abroad trip in Tuscany, and I haven’t look back since. Since then, I’ve edited and written for newspapers, magazines, blogs… all in the name of food. I’ve covered everything, from restaurants to travel to wine & spirits to agriculture. It has been a very rewarding career and outlet for me.

I began dreaming of mountain girl eats around this time last year as I’ve always wanted to have my very own food blog. I launched @mtngirleats on Instagram in the beginning of 2020 and have enjoyed sharing my food creations, restaurant finds, and travel adventures with my followers.

I decided to create a WordPress to accompany my Instagram, not only because it’s my favorite blogging platform, but because I have more to say in terms of posts and visuals. I want to share videos, photos, stories — Instagram can sometimes be limiting in that way.

Thanks for reading! Eat well and travel often.

All the best,


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