birthday brunch

In Colorado, indoor dining ceased to a halt right before Thanksgiving, which means I’ve only dined in once since then: on my birthday.

I am a December baby (which yes, does get lost in the confusion that is Christmas) but like most Sagittarians, we make it a point to celebrate. With limited options, I started to pay attention to all the cute globe tents and yurts that restaurants were providing as an outdoor dining option. I found out that most places required deposits and reservations, but I eventually settled on a familiar favorite: Annette.

Annette lives in Stanley Marketplace, a former aviation factory that’s been transformed into an indoor hipster market fit for tourists and families alike. One of the best meals I’ve ever had in Denver was at Annette, so it was definitely time to pay them a visit again.

We reserved a greenhouse, which has an hour dining limit for brunch, so it’s best to arrive on time. Our host led us to our own private glass structure, which had a sliding door for privacy, space heater, and a window if it got too stuffy. There was even a little side table I could put my belongings on. Inside was a dining table for two and though it was small space, there were still little touches of homey decor such as a wreath on the door, a potted baby lettuce, and rug beneath my feet. There was also a switch I could press that lit up a light outside and would alert a server if I needed anything.

After checking out my options on the QR menu, we ordered our feast. We began with a Le Creuset French-Press coffee setup that they brought to the table. It even had its own timer so we knew exactly when the coffee was ready to serve. Then, for starters, we tucked in with deviled eggs and egg salad sourdough toast. For our main course, I had a sourdough waffle topped with peppermint whipped cream and chocolate shavings while my dining companion had a pork hash with poached eggs, caramelized onions, and pickled mustard seeds.

To round it all off, I ordered Chef Caroline’s infamous pecan pie (which is worth the drive alone) for dessert. Annette doesn’t offer dessert for brunch, but the staff was amazing and brought me one out anyway. We were able to finish within our time limit, and I left, elated and sated, with another successful meal at Annette in the books.

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